1 2020/04/2216.00-18.00 5702320051 Noppanon Homsud12017The effect of cognitive bias on customer satisfactionThesis Professor Nopadol Rompho
2 2020/05/0810.00-12.00 5702320044 Natdanai Allenajitpong12017The Effect of Venture Capital Networks and Institutions on Portfolio Companies’ Performance in Southeast AsiaThesis Professor Arnat Leemakdej
3 2020/05/0815.00-17.00 5702320036 Piyakarn Supanchanaburee12016Driving employee green behavioral intention through internal environmental CSR communication and protection motivation theory: A multilevel approachThesis Associate Professor Sakun Boon-Itt

If you are interested to attend, please contact the PH.D program at 02-6132261 at least 1 hour before the exam started.